The Long Awaited Cheating Discourse Blog

When I wrote my blog on diversity in quiz I got chatting to a fellow quizzer who said Before we can make quiz more diverse we need to sort out the issue of cheating. Whilst my instinct is “No, we can do both at the same time” it has stuck with me because what could be more alienating to anyone joining quiz than a sense … Continue reading The Long Awaited Cheating Discourse Blog

Review| Olay Daily Facials

I am not really a beauty blogger but when Olay offered me the opportunity to try Olay Daily Facials I couldn’t resist. Since turning 30 I’ve found that my skin needs more upkeep relying on a system of cleanser, exfoliate and toner each night. As this picture shows I still suffer the occasional breakout due to oily skin and probably even oilier diet. Whilst Olay … Continue reading Review| Olay Daily Facials