Unconscious bias in quiz

“So which of you two is the doctor?” asks an opposition player to my two white male teammates. Both point to my female teammate of Asian descent. Now I would always assume the brown person in the room was the GP so both the opposition and I have demonstrated our very different biases in different ways. Bias, unconscious or conscious, happens but having quizzed for … Continue reading Unconscious bias in quiz

Review| Olay Daily Facials

I am not really a beauty blogger but when Olay offered me the opportunity to try Olay Daily Facials I couldn’t resist. Since turning 30 I’ve found that my skin needs more upkeep relying on a system of cleanser, exfoliate and toner each night. As this picture shows I still suffer the occasional breakout due to oily skin and probably even oilier diet. Whilst Olay … Continue reading Review| Olay Daily Facials

Being a woman, hormones, plus size clothing and bikini clasps

20 November marks 6 months since my open myomectomy. I won’t be celebrating it in any way. I suppose just being alive after any major surgery is worthy of celebration itself. It, along with the progesterone only pill, solved many of the problems I was having but there is one large issue I cannot seem to shift. My belly, it still feels huge. The reason … Continue reading Being a woman, hormones, plus size clothing and bikini clasps