Review| Olay Daily Facials

I am not really a beauty blogger but when Olay offered me the opportunity to try Olay Daily Facials I couldn’t resist. Since turning 30 I’ve found that my skin needs more upkeep relying on a system of cleanser, exfoliate and toner each night.

IMG_20180709_211149As this picture shows I still suffer the occasional breakout due to oily skin and probably even oilier diet. Whilst Olay Daily Facials are aimed at ‘Normal’ skin, the wipes (activated by water) provide a soothing foaming in a net style wipe.

As a glasses wearer washing my face is very traumatic, I cannot see anything and I might blind myself further with the product. With the Olay Daily Facial wipes I have control of where the foam is going and unlike a lot of cleansers I felt the difference rather than just saw it on a cotton bud


IMG_20181004_163045384After day 1 on using I already notice a difference. My skin looks cleaner and whilst the forehead breakouts are still there I think along with the rest of my skin care regime they could lessen over time. Please join over the next 30 days as #OlayAmbassador and if you are interested in trying the product for yourself I have some vouchers.






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